Ilana’s 3rd Birthday Corona-Style

Any parents out there will agree that this Pandemic has proven to be challenging in many ways. I think each age poses it’s own difficulties so no matter what, y’all are superheroes for managing…ESPECIALLY if you have multiples. LAWD it’s not easy!

Taking care of kids at home with nowhere to go and no one to see poses totally new obstacles than pre-pandemic conditions. There’s no entertaining kids by going to Disney, popping over to the Aquarium, library, playdates etc. Although wow, if we can do this we can do ANYTHING. #amIright? And honestly when all is said and done, we are going to look back and be thankful we had this bonding time as a family. Especially now that Ilana has just started back at daycare a few weeks ago, I feel accomplished that we did it!! 

Ilana just turned 3 years old!! 

We celebrated it in a different sort of way this year, given the circumstances obviously. Our friends and family showered her with SO much love, in a drive-by parade (SHOUT OUT to them for making it so special for her), and we rented a BOUNCE HOUSE!! (GUYS…I HIGHLY recommend this for quarantine birthdays). For the memories, it’s worth the money (it’s actually not as expensive as you’d think), and since we can’t throw a birthday party with all the bells and whistles that maybe you might normally do, this was a great alternative to make her feel like a Princess!

We used (Darrin is AWESOME!!!! We couldn’t have had a more positive experience using his company). So if you’re planning a quarantine birthday, check him out!

We also decided to splurge on Ilana’s birthday cake!! Because hey, memories need to be made…and let’s face it. I LOVE DESSERT!! If we’re gonna do a birthday quarantine style, we need a killer cake!! We used … We were beyond impressed with how this custom cake came out. It’s exactly what I wanted, and more!

Ilana had an amazing birthday, Coronavirus or not!! If you’re throwing a socially distanced event for kids (or adults),  check these guys out!!

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