Post-Op Recovery Tips

Most helpful tips/things during recovery


This is obviously numero uno. Without it I would be up a creek without a paddle. My sister, Leana has been here, and will be here the first two weeks of recovery, and she has been a GODSEND!! The thing I was most concerned with was how my kids would do during recovery. She has made it pretty much seamless. She’s a star! I then have a friend coming the next 2 weeks to help with the kids and I have full faith in her as well! 

Staying ON TOP of the pain meds and GETTING AHEAD of it!

I have a chart where I document every medicine I’ve taken and what time I’ve taken it. My husband has also been a big help with keeping me on top of it and double checking everything or writing it down himself. Even during the night I set my alarm to remind myself to take my Tylenol/Ibuprofen, because if I went the whole night without, I would probably wake up in more pain than I’d like. I have no pain right now (obviously some discomfort) and I can only attribute it to the pain management, and the artistry of my incredible surgeons.

Button down pajamas

You NEED THESE! You can’t lift your arms up to get in normal shirts. I have been living in button down pajamas since surgery. I got some cute(ish), affordable button PJs on Amazon and they’ve been great! These are a must. Link below to the ones I purchased.


I do not have words for how helpful this is!! My friends are the BEST. I can’t thank them enough for organizing this and the outpour of generosity and love they’ve shown us.  It’s impossible to cook and prepare food for a family when you’re recovering. My sister is busy with my kids and my husband has a VERY full-time job PLUS taking care of me and helping with the kids, so friends coming together to help with this has been just the MOST thoughtful, and helpful! TRULY beyond grateful for everyone’s generosity. It has been nice also that my parents live only 5 minutes away and can also bring over food if we need it. 

Power Recliner!

This was recommended to me prior to surgery and WOW super helpful. My Dad got one after his heart surgery, so I borrowed it for mine. HUGE HELP!! HUGE!! I have been doing all my resting/sleeping on the power recliner since the surgery and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I have it. I will probably be using it for the next few weeks. Obviously I miss my bed, and it’s not like sleeping is extremely comfortable but because of the reciner I’m able to get some hours of decent sleep and that’s all I can ask for!


I actually bought one myself on Amazon before I was graciously given a drain pouch by a friend of mine prior to surgery (Thank you Marissa), then given one by my plastic surgeon, so I have more than enough pouches ha!… (wish I didn’t buy one on my own…oh well). YOU NEED THIS if you are going through this surgery. I’m never NOT using this pouch Ain’t nobody got time for dangling drains. That sounds miserable. This at least makes it OK. Link below to the one I purchased, but I really have only been using the one given to me by the Dr, so before you buy, check and see if you will be given one, and save your $$.

Electric toothbrush

If you are going through a surgery that involves your chest area, moving your arms for brushing teeth may not be too fun. I bought one before my mastectomy as it was recommended in another blog I read. I find it helpful, just for peace of mind that I’m not going to damage anything by accident. Link below.

Dry Shampoo

You unfortunately can’t take a real shower for a week after this surgery (I know… it’s gross) so dry shampoo will be your friend. My sister is here and she will be helping me with that today, as I can’t lift my arms up above 90 degrees (very excited…my hair is lookin’ ROUGH)

Face Wipes

It’s going to be difficult to wash your face. I use Acure face wipes and those have worked nicely for me. And really in general I love the Acure products. Link below to the ones I have/am currently using.

Again, I’m still in awe of the support and love I’ve received…I will NEVER…EVER….EVER…forget it… Thank you to all my people who have SHOWN UP for me! Thankful for all of you who have checked up and reached out! I have some wonderful people in my life!

Love to you all out there!!

Thanks for reading!!

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