2 Weeks Post-Op

Hey everyone! I’m currently 2.5 weeks post op. Feeling as good as can possibly be expected! I feel so lucky to have had a pretty pain free and easy recovery thus far. 

This week I have over the head arm exercises I’m supposed to do. A little nervous to use my range of motion but I’ll get there. Also starting this week I’m supposed to wear a sports bra instead of surgical bra for more compression and to avoid build-up of fluid. Putting on a sports bra is a little scary. Not only the range of motion, over the head but I’m still scared I’m going to pop something inside somewhere and be back to square one. That would be NO BUENO. I’m sure that’s mostly in my head but it’s a fear, nonetheless.  

I got my drains out at my 2 week post op appointment (Thank GOD). 15 days with those suckers was ENOUGH for me! It’s great not to be attached and have to carry around a pouch full of nasty everywhere I go anymore. The fun and exciting part about this past week’s post op appointment was my first expander fill! YAY!! During surgery, my surgeon was able to fill them each 240 cc, so at my first appointment I got another 60 cc in each. I think I will do one more small fill this coming week and then be done. Not too much more… I’ll be deciding on the amount in the next few days. Still going back and forth in my head…

I have been SO scared to shower for fear of getting an infection through the drain sites. FINALLY, today I took a REAL shower, (not just a sponge bath), for the first time since surgery. That’s a big accomplishment! Big milestone for me post-surgery!! I took this picture right after shower and putting clothes on myself…VICTORY IS MINE!!!

I still feel so blessed for everyone in my life who has been SO there for me. Childcare has been the biggest necessity and biggest hurdle, obviously. I can’t WAIT to pick my babies up again. I also can’t wait for Max (my ALMOST 1 year old) to have no memory of Mommy not lifting him.  I can’t wait to get back to the bond that we had/have. He was SUCH a Mama’s boy before this, and it just breaks me that I can’t be that person for him right now. This will pass (*she tells herself*).

My daughter has really handled this all so well. She knows she needs to be gentle with Mommy. She’s been asking me to rub her back when she lies in my lap instead, which is just the sweetest ever. Yes…No doubt, that is the hardest thing. The kids and all the complications that comes with it. Getting through the other stuff is ok, and the worst is behind me.

I also can’t wait to not feel lazy. Yesterday my MIL and I went on a walk with Max  (she pushed the stroller) around the neighborhood, so that was my first time walking outside post surgery. Today I went on a walk around the neighborhood again myself. Baby steps. 

I’m a very active person, so I’m itching to get back up to running speed, but I obviously won’t be cleared for that for a month at least.

The expanders aren’t as bad as I have heard and read. They don’t hurt. They’re not the most comfortable things in the world, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not painful. The only time I feel pain/pressure is at night trying to sleep on my back. I just moved back to the bed from the recliner that I’ve been sleeping in for two weeks, a few days ago, and I can certainly feel the pressure on my chest during the night. I know it’s normal to feel that discomfort. My chest has gone through a lot of trauma, so I can’t expect to feel nothing. Nighttime they sort of feel like rock balloons on my chest. But again, it’s all temporary. Definitely looking forward to my implant exchange in a few months. 

As a type A person, I’ve been forced to let go of some control during this time. Honestly, it’s probably a good mental exercise for me. But at least I’m surrounded by people who I trust and are making this as easy for me as I could ever ask or hope for. 

Thank you for tuning in to my journey!! I’ll be back with updates soon!!

5 thoughts on “2 Weeks Post-Op

  1. You look and sound great! You sure are rocking this post op business. Take care. Love, Linda

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  2. You are a Fortress!!! You look great and even though it’s difficult you are making the most if your healing journey. I’m so astonished by your bravery and your good spirits. Keep it up woman. You are a terrific model of strength and self compassion for your children. That’s what they will remember.
    Stay strong and flexible momma. I’m praying for you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Oh Johannah- you look amazing!! Every single thing you are explaining I’m feeling too. Today is day 4 post op prophylactic mastectomy (pending my path is normal) for me. I find your blog so incredibly helpful. I dread bed time. I’m propped on my couch. I feel really great throughout the day- the night time 😢. I know this is temporary. I love to run and giving up my. Really active lifestyle has been a change. I know a small price to pay, but my breasts being numb was something I thought would be difficult too. My children are older- 18 and 20. My husband is so supportive. You truly are an inspiration. I feel like you’re leading the pack and I’m watching for guidance. My first post op is Wednesday. Hoping to get 2 drains out because they’re under the 30cc. My legs are so hairy today!! I’m dying for the showers I used to love. Please keep blogging. This is so helpful to me!! Praying for you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️You are brave strong and a beautiful example!


    1. Thank you SO much for these kind words!! I’m just now seeing this comment. I remember being so scared to take a shower. I stuck with sponge baths until all 4 drains were removed (Dr said I could shower after the first two were out but I was just so nervous). You’ll love being able to start walking again!! It’ll make you feel so much more like you! You’re almost there!

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