Max is ONE Year Old!

Years before Max was born, we knew that when/if we had a boy, his name would be Max Joseph Katz. His first name, Max, is my FIL’s middle name, and my Dad’s name is Jose (Joseph, being the English equivalent).

I made Pinterest boards that occupied me for, well, far too much time probably, designing his nursery that would one day be a reality, and themes for birthdays, all sorts of stuff that us crazy girls do.

I knew his nursery would be “Where the Wild Things Are” themed. Max is the main character of the story and I fell in love with the idea that I could play with that theme for his nursery and his first birthday. 

Max turned one on August 22!! Another Covid birthday, but it was still so special.

My mom made her *FAMOUS* cheesecake. (I mean guys…it’s my favorite food…ever…in the WORLD). We got Max a fancy (cookies and cream) smash cupcake, got some Where the Wild Things are decorations, and of course bought Max the CUTEST little Wild Thing outfit EVER. 

I’m SO glad I bought that little outfit … oh man that crown,suspenders, bow tie, little wild one bottoms. *swoon*. That outfit was the pies de resistance.

Oh he just melts my heart. Both my kids do, of course…

Of course again the one thing that I wish were different, was my lifting restrictions, still, being unable to lift him yet, as I’m still recovering from my double mastectomy with tissue expanders. 

But very soon I’ll be able to squeeze him scoop him up and it will all be a memory.

All in all, it was perfect. 

Max’s birthday was only family. It was relaxed. It was sweet. He was loved on and celebrated, and that’s all we needed.

To make big milestones special, even kids’ birthdays, you don’t need a big group of people, or all the bells and whistles. As long as you can look back on (lots of) pictures and smile, you did good. 

Thank goodness for photos and memories.

Mamas out there, am I right?! Who out there can’t wait to lie down at the end of the day for a break only to scroll through photos of your kiddos on your phones??

Anyway… Just like that, I’m officially a Mom to two toddlers. Time flies. It’s true what they say… “the days are long but the years are short”. 

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart, sweet, inquisitive, little love bug, Max! 

He is going to make the World a better place. Just you wait!We all love you and are so proud of you, watching you grow every day! Thank you for making our family of four complete.

“I’ll eat you up I love you so!”


“Let the wild rumpus start…”

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