Big Girl Bed

Wow… I feel like my girl became a teenager overnight.

If you read my last blog post, then you know my daughter has been testing limits more than usual lately. There’s been a lot of change in the house (on top of Covid craziness) with help around the house 24/7. 

I could sense NOW was the time for this big milestone. 

My plan was to keep her in her crib as long as possible. I knew 3 1/2 was probably the longest I would make it. She is now just over 3 years old.

She was certainly ready. 

You should have seen her face LIGHT UP, like a freaking Christmas tree when she saw Daddy putting together her big girl bed. (By the way, Kudos/thank you to my Hubs for being handy enough and willing enough to do that last night!) She was so PROUD. Something in her immediately switched. I know it’s crazy to say, but it’s like she knew that being a baby is now a thing of the past. I swear, she started acting differently in the moment last night. She spoke differently. She knew she was a big girl. She was glowing…. It.was.awesome.

I have a sneaky suspicion this big girl bed is going to be something that internalizes with her and alleviates some of the angst in her right now. It sounds small, but it’s a big, and exciting change for her, and I’m just so proud of my girl!

I can still see her big eyes and her huge smile.

In a few days I will have clearance to start lifting my 22 lb One year old, Max. Ilana is much heavier, and this way I won’t have to worry about lifting her at all until I feel comfortable. The only time I knew she NEEDED to be lifted up was in and out of her crib, so now that’s no longer a concern. Perfect timing!

I know several parents who struggle with KEEPING their child in their bed at night, and not wandering over to their rooms, so I told her she needed to stay in her bed all night or else we would have to put the crib back up, (obviously that would never happen), but I think that’s the LAST thing my BIG GIRL wants now. Especially after having stuck with it for so long.

It’s exciting, all the “firsts” that come with being a parent. 

This was a big one!

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