Reconstructive Surgery Post Op

It has been a while since I’ve kept you all updated on the events of this journey.

6 weeks ago today, I had my breast reconstruction surgery!

WOW what a road. WHAT. A. JOURNEY!!

Honestly, I’m so proud of myself.

2020 has been an absolute disaster of a year for the majority of us, but holy cow…what GROWTH was made. What tremendous strides were made.  We can’t discount how the hard stuff shapes us, and makes us better. Stronger.

I think every year is an opportunity for “growth”. This year, certainly I can say that it was. Next year will be as well. I made some decisions that I’m so very proud of.  (More to come on that as well)

Looking back, I am proud of  my strength and courage, to show up for my health and for my family’s future.

I’m a damn fighter! Also, I am so damn LUCKY to have had this  opportunity through genetic testing, science, and prophylactic medicine to be able to get ahead of any potential threat to my body before it gets to me.

There were challenges, roadblocks, and tears but look who’s officially on the other side (and with new, awesome boobs)!!

Don’t underestimate yourself. You’re capable of much more than you think.

4 thoughts on “Reconstructive Surgery Post Op

  1. I couldn’t love this post more. I’m 4 weeks post exchange this morning!! Just getting ready to head out for my first run after surgery. This feels so incredibly amazing. We did it!! So proud of you. Thank you for sharing. 😘


  2. Thanks for sharing your story Johannah! You have had an amazing journey and I wish you all the best in 2021 and in all the many years to come. Enjoy your beautiful family. Love, Linda

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