Reconstructive Surgery Post Op

It has been a while since I’ve kept you all updated on the events of this journey. 6 weeks ago today, I had my breast reconstruction surgery! WOW what a road. WHAT. A. JOURNEY!! Honestly, I’m so proud of myself. 2020 has been an absolute disaster of a year for the majority of us, butContinue reading “Reconstructive Surgery Post Op”

Big Girl Bed

Wow… I feel like my girl became a teenager overnight. If you read my last blog post, then you know my daughter has been testing limits more than usual lately. There’s been a lot of change in the house (on top of Covid craziness) with help around the house 24/7.  I could sense NOW wasContinue reading “Big Girl Bed”

3 Year Old “Tornado of Emotions”

As many of you know, I am currently 5 1/2 weeks post op from a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.  I have had restrictions this entire time, and unable to lift either one of my kids.  My 3 year old girl is supremely independent. She is TOO SMART for her own good, sassy, feisty, STRONG WILLED, andContinue reading “3 Year Old “Tornado of Emotions””

5 Weeks Post Op

Breakthrough: I started LIGHTLY jogging again yesterday! I was so proud of myself. After a big surgery like this, a thought that can be scary is, “will I ever get back to before?” But now I can see YES I CAN…. and YES YOU CAN TOO!! It’s a process, and it’s OK to ease inContinue reading “5 Weeks Post Op”

Max is ONE Year Old!

Years before Max was born, we knew that when/if we had a boy, his name would be Max Joseph Katz. His first name, Max, is my FIL’s middle name, and my Dad’s name is Jose (Joseph, being the English equivalent). I made Pinterest boards that occupied me for, well, far too much time probably, designingContinue reading “Max is ONE Year Old!”

4 Weeks Post-Op

Well I’m 4 weeks post op and thankful that the worst is behind me. Some new developments over the last 2 weeks: I’ve been able to regain some activity. I’ve been going on long walks again which is nice. Especially having help watching my kiddos, I’m able to take advantage of this time to gainContinue reading “4 Weeks Post-Op”

2 Weeks Post-Op

Hey everyone! I’m currently 2.5 weeks post op. Feeling as good as can possibly be expected! I feel so lucky to have had a pretty pain free and easy recovery thus far.  This week I have over the head arm exercises I’m supposed to do. A little nervous to use my range of motion butContinue reading “2 Weeks Post-Op”

Post-Op Recovery Tips

Most helpful tips/things during recovery HELP WITH KIDS!! This is obviously numero uno. Without it I would be up a creek without a paddle. My sister, Leana has been here, and will be here the first two weeks of recovery, and she has been a GODSEND!! The thing I was most concerned with was howContinue reading “Post-Op Recovery Tips”

Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy

The big surgery has come and gone!! The anticipation was definitely the hardest part, no doubt. I had so many fears before this surgery. Mostly to do with how my kids were going to handle it. Especially my little guy. I was so scared he was going to feel a deficit of love because I’mContinue reading “Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy”

Few days away from surgery

Well we are 4 days away from the big surgery. I had both my pre-op and my preadmissions appointments last week, I will be getting a Covid test about two days prior to surgery (waiting on that call for scheduling), and then Wednesday will be here quickly. I have help set up for the kiddos,Continue reading “Few days away from surgery”