5 Weeks Post Op

Breakthrough: I started LIGHTLY jogging again yesterday! I was so proud of myself. After a big surgery like this, a thought that can be scary is, “will I ever get back to before?” But now I can see YES I CAN…. and YES YOU CAN TOO!!

It’s a process, and it’s OK to ease in slowly. Slow and steady wins the race.

Yes, I still have another surgery that needs to get scheduled for the implant exchange from tissue expanders, and I’m sure that will set me back again, but better to get as normalized as possible sooner than later right? 

Also FINALLY this week I started feeling less pain while sleeping. It’s not comfortable, but its not awful like it was before. I don’t know if the pain will return, but at least the last few days its bearable to the point of letting me sleep through the night (albeit on my back, which kind of sucks but whatever)…

I am hopeful to have last expansion in a week, and then in a few weeks will meet with the surgeon to put my final breast surgery (God willing) on the books.

Something I have NOT been good at, is paying attention to the exercises given to me from the Dr/hospital. I really should look at those and be more diligent. It may be a little arrogant to think my body is just going to heal perfectly doing it my own way, but so far so good!

Feels great now to do my own laundry, cook my kids stuff myself and just function like a normal human being! 

I’ll never forget the people who have been so supportive during this crazy ride!

The ride still isn’t over but the worst is SO behind!

I’m not sure what to expect yet for the next surgery. I know it wont be NEARLY as bad a recovery, but I just hope the lifting restrictions aren’t too long, because THAT is the worst part, when you have little ones. ESPECIALLY a One year old who can’t walk yet and needs to be held all.freaking.day. 

My 3 year old has been so independent, but obviously Max is a different story.

Well… I’m almost done drinking my morning coffee. Thank you so much for tuning in and following my journey with me! Here I go for “SLOW jog” number two! Wish me luck!


Did my second jog and here is a little clip. Oh endorphins, I’ve missed you! Ps… it ended up not being 1.5 minutes shorter. Only 30 seconds but still a win!

2 thoughts on “5 Weeks Post Op

  1. I can’t love this enough!! That is my goal- to be able to run like I did. But I know it’s a process! You look so happy. My surgeon told me the mastectomy was a marathon while the exchange surgery is a slow walk. So happy for you ❤️


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